Monday, September 30, 2013

I want your submissions for the Spotify Music Corner!

In case you haven't heard, the Spotify Music Corner has been on for a full week now and I'm really excited about it.

Editor Stan Huskey and I came up with the idea a couple of weeks ago and we officially launched it on Sept. 22. We wanted to give our readers a fun place to go to on our website to check out what other people are currently listening to and to give them the opportunity to share what they're listening to.

Ya hear that?

I want YOU to send me your Spotify playlists! We're keeping the number of songs to a maximum of 10, and we'd like you to tell us why chose each song. After you put a playlist together, just copy the embed code into an email along with your description and I'll put it up on our site FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK!

Want to know the coolest part about having it on our site for a week? Other Spotify users will be able to find you on Spotify and can follow you if they like your choices!

So make sure you start sending me your playlists so I can start featuring them on!

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