Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Something to be proud of

Yesterday was a really exciting day for someone very close to me — my boyfriend, Matt. He's been in a band for eight years now and yesterday they released their fourth full-length album, The Greatest Generation. His band is called The Wonder Years (recently featured online and in The Times Herald's print edition) and this release just might lift them to next level — at least I'm hoping it does.

I've known Matt since my sophomore year of high school (I'll be 27 in September — for time frame purposes) and he's been involved with music the entire time I've known. In fact, I'm pretty sure I met him at a show that one his former bands was playing at.

That being said, it's a really awesome thing to see how much he and his bandmates have accomplished over the years. The music business isn't an easy thing to get into, and The Wonder Years have done everything in their power to get to where they are today. And the coolest part of it all is how down-to-earth they have all remained and how much they still do things on their own.

This week the band is hosting a "pop up shop" in Philadelphia in collaboration with Glamour Kills to celebrate the release of their new album. The shop features limited edition merchandise that will only available this week, and it also gives their fans the opportunity to hang out with them in a low-key and intimate environment. The band also has friends performing every night after shop hours, and the week will come to a close with an acoustic performance and signing by The Wonder Years.

If you happen to be in Philadelphia at all this week, head to 307 Market Street and see out what these guys are doing. They have a lot to be proud of, and I think everyone should see what they've accomplished if they have a chance to.

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