Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tegan and Sara changed my mind

I can't stop listening to Tegan & Sara's new album Heartthrob.

Lately I've found myself listening to more electronic-based music, or really just anything I can dance to. I wasn't really into these two before, due to an ex-boyfriend ruining them for me, but this new album doesn't sound like anything they've released before (at least not to me).

I've only had the album for about a week now and I'm finding that I already know the majority of the lyrics, which is probably because I've listened to it everyday since I got it (and that hasn't happened for me in a while!).

I won't go into a bunch of reasons why I like it so much because you can decide for yourself whether it's appealing to you or not but watching the video for album's first single "Closer" above. You can also find almost all of the album's other tracks on YouTube as well, so I highly suggest listening to my favorites on the album: "I'm Not Your Hero," "Drove Me Wild" and "Love They Say."

It's not very often that an artist I previously disliked completely changes my mind about them, so that's got to be saying something.

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