Monday, August 27, 2012

The day the radio died

Wait, what?! A music junkie doesn't listen to the radio?! That's what you're thinking, right?

Well, the Philadelphia region used to be graced with a radio station by the name of Y100 -- it was my favorite. It was on this station that I was introduced to bands such as My Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World, Yellowcard, The Killers and so many more. It was also the radio station that gave birth to summer and winter festivals that I was only able to attend once -- the Y100 Feztival and the Y100 Feastival.

For a few years, Y100 was all I listened to. My dad listened to it constantly as well. He even surprised me with two tickets to a concert he had won off of the station while I was in school.

Every morning my alarm would go off at 6 a.m. and some new or old alternative rock band was starting my day off right. My mother would holler at me as I got ready for school because I was blasting the music much louder than she ever wanted to hear it. Of course I'd pretend I didn't hear her (if I did) and just wait for the moment she started banging on my door before I turned it down.

Then the dreaded morning came when everything changed. It was on this February morning the usual guitar riffs and melancholy singing were replaced with something that made me cringe -- 50 Cent.

I probably checked the tuning on my alarm clock nearly 100 times before allowing myself to believe that something had happened to my beloved radio station. Later that day it was announced that Y100's usual music would be played for the rest of the day and the following, and then it would be goodbye forever.

Since then, radio just hasn't been the same for me. The only station I can tolerate is 104.5 and even then I only tune in if I've forgotten my iPod and there's nothing in my car's CD player. Finding new music via the Internet and suggestions from friends is absolutely enough for me.

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