Sunday, August 12, 2012

Falling out of love with my favorite band

I felt something change when Say Anything's latest album, Anarchy, My Dear was released in March. Not only was I indifferent about every song on the album and feeling slightly let down, but I was also feeling duped. After three or four songs into the album I heard myself saying, "Really?" out load. 


Well, Max Bemis (the band's singer/songwriter) had lead me to believe that the album was going to be branching off of ...Is A Real Boy (IARB) (their major label debut and my favorite album of their's by far) and I was THRILLED when I first heard that news. Then they finally released the first single ("Burn A Miracle") off of the new album a few months later and I was even more thrilled for the album to be in my hands. Then when the album finally was in my hands I had to give it multiple listens to believe what I was hearing.

After the initial "Really?", my follow-up thought was, "Did you even f---ing try?! (pardon my french)"

Since mid-2006, Say Anything had been my favorite band. I listened to IARB so much the CD is now so scratched it's worthy of being thrown in the trash (which I will never do). I saw them twice in one week that year, and a few more times before that year was over. Now, as of this past April, my Say Anything concerts grand total comes to 17.

But the last time I saw them just wasn't the same. I wasn't nearly as excited to see them perform - my best friend called me out on that considering going to their concerts has been one of our main bonding experiences since 2006 - and as we walked up to them in the meet-and-greet, I was immediately regretting the decision to pay the extra cash to do so (Really, Bemis? Was it that necessary to text your wife throughout the entirety of it when you just saw her backstage two seconds ago?).

Yes, I admit that I am bitter.
Yes, I know that bands go in different directions with each album (Say Anything had already done that well).

I just feel that Bemis quickly wrote and recorded an album to get something new out there so his fans would stop nagging him for a new album and he could pay some bills. The lack of emotion and raw energy that has been the forefront of everything Say Anything has released has been the ultimate demise in my love for them.

The solidifying moment in that feeling that has lingered since leaving their concert in the Spring came to me when their fall tour was announced just a week ago and I could care less about it.

Maybe this is the end of an era, or maybe this is just growing up.

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