Thursday, July 26, 2012

A chat with Better Than Ezra's Kevin Griffin

As a part of Valley Forge Casino's Summer in the Valley concert series, Better Than Ezra will be gracing the area with a performance on Aug. 10. Due to that fact, I had a chance to speak with the band's front man, Kevin Griffin, about the direction the band is heading with their music and what to expect from their live performance.

Though I've never had the opportunity to see the band live before, Griffin has me more than curious to see firsthand what attending one of their concerts is like.

"I think (fans that haven’t seen us before) will come to the show and they will be surprised how many songs they know by us. If you haven’t seen us before you’ll be like, ‘Oh, I know that one!’ or ‘I hate that song,’" Griffin said. "That’s usually the case with people that haven’t seen us before. And then they have a blast."

I'll be writing an article encompassing the entire interview I had with Griffin today, so make sure to check out Diversions on Aug. 10 to read more of what Better Than Ezra's vocalist had to say.

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