Monday, July 26, 2010

Enter the Ninja

Die Antwoord (that’s Afrikaans for “the answer”) is a rap act hailing from Cape Town, South Africa. If there’s one word I can use to describe them, it’s “bizarre.”

The group’s first full-length release (which was apparently done via the Internet for free) is entitled $O$ and features “Enter The Ninja,” the track everyone should be exposed to upon their first experience with this crazy act. You’ll crack up at the ridiculousness of it’s opening lyric (“I’m a ninja, yo!”) and marvel at the Vanilla Ice-esque hairstyle of the lead rapper who calls himself Ninja (who’d have guessed!). Oh, and then there’s that freaky-looking female who sings the chorus with the addition of odd choreography and rats crawling around her while she’s lying on her bed.

But setting those details aside, the song is actually pretty damn good. It has one of those beats that hip hop lovers will appreciate and the high-pitched, altered vocals of Yo-Landi Vi$$er (the freaky-looking female) that pop fanatics will love. The lyrics are pretty hilarious (be aware of expletives!) and the breaks in the song where Ninja talks are sure to give you a laugh (if you’re partial to that type of humor, of course).

If you want a track that’s not so angry, check out my personal favorite “Wat Pomp (Feat. Jack Parow).” Even though they repeatedly switch between Afrikaans and English in their rapping, the chorus is sure to be stuck in your head for days. It’s also a track that’s booty-shake worthy so if you’re a fan of dancing, you’ll love it.

If you’re looking for some new music to please your ears in a completely hysterical yet surprisingly well-done way, Die Antwoord should do the trick perfectly.

For a fantastic interview with the group, check out the "Zef Side" video.